Agent Onboarding


Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Chamberlain Edge! As the broker-owner of the company I could not be more thrilled that you see the value in what we’re bringing to the market. We are constantly striving to provide the best environment, tools, training and splits to help you thrive in your business. We hope that you truly come to life and see your business grow in every way you dream of it growing.

 We have created an on boarding course to help you more easily go over all the things needed to make the switch. You can enroll for free in the course at:


Most everything inside the course is also found below in case you need a refresher…

Now that’s you’ve made the switch, we’ve got a ton to show you so get ready.  Here’s what we’ll be covering:  


  • Transfer Docs

  • Sign Up Docs

  • Back Office

  • CRM & Leads

  • Social Media

  • Email

  • Listing Presentation

  • Agent Materials


  • Listing Launch

  • Apps


Transfer Docs

Have you filled out all these docs and turned them into their appropriate places? You can find all of these documents for download at chamberlainedge.com/onboarding         


OREC Docs Needed

Transfer or Activate License For Real Estate Associate

  • Costs $25 paid to OREC when you turn it in. I recommend dropping it off in person downtown at 1915 N Stiles Ave Ste 200, OKC. Chamberlain broker must sign

OREC Associate Release of Association

  • Your old broker is responsible for filling this out and signing it. I recommend dropping it off in person downtown at 1915 N Stiles Ave Ste 200, OKC. Chamberlain broker must sign


OKCMAR MLS Docs Needed

MLSOK MLS Subscriber Agreement

  • Fill out and sign pg 9 and 10. Email to membership@okcmar.org

MLSOK Listing Transfer Form

  • Only if you currently have listings and need to move them over. Your releasing broker must sign this as well and Chamberlain. Email to membership@okcmar.org



All of the below documents should be filled out and emailed to nbr_staff@normanboardofrealtors.org or membership@okcmar.org depending on which board of Realtors you choose to join. Either Norman or OKCMAR is fine.


  • Board Application For Membership

  • Board Activation, Lockbox, Fees and Disclosures

  • Board Indemnification Agreement

  • Board Agreement To Arbitrate



These are internal documents between you and Chamberlain Edge. Please read through and sign each of these documents and return to your managing broker.  


Agent Commission Form

  • This document describes in detail the commission plans and allows you to communicate which plan you’d like to choose. And if choosing a monthly paid plan you are able to provide payment information


Policy Manual

  • This is Chamberlain Edge’s general policy manual. The last page has a section for you to sign acknowledging you received the manual.


Independent Contract Agreement

  • This is an agreement between you and Chamberlain acknowledging the general working protocol and agreements of our contractor relationships


Back office

This is how we manage our documents and be sure we’re fully buttoned up and safe in case of an audit or lawsuit.


  • Brokermint is an online software similar to Back Agent or Dot Loop. It’s where you can see what documents are needed for various transactions, and then upload and store saved documents. It allows those documents to be reviewed for accuracy. And finally it allows you to create your own Commission Disbursement Authorization Form (CDA) to send to your title company just before closing so they can get you paid!

  • Be sure your managing broker creates your new Broker Mint account

  • Watch the online video tutorial at http://support.brokermint.com/webinars-and-training/agent-training

  • Set up a practice transaction and start learning the system. Run through a buyer side and listing side start to finish. Ask questions if you have any questions at all.

  • Watch the Brokermint Training Video below:


CRM and Leads

We’re using some of the VERY BEST platforms in the industry to help you close more deals!  We’re excited to teach you about them.

Follow Up Boss

  • Follow Up Boss is our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). It’s where all your contacts and leads go and it helps you not lose contacts or drop the ball in terms of following up with them. It allows you to set up a lot of automation to help keep up with people well. It can text from the system, email and call. It’s fantastic at keeping track of everything and helping you stay focused on your lead follow up on a day to day business, even when you’re on the run.

  • Be sure your managing broker creates your new Follow Up Boss account

  • Watch the online video tutorial at https://www.followupboss.com/daily-use/

  • Set up some practice leads and text and email them. Import your client list and set them up for follow up.

  • Be sure you’ve downloaded the Follow Up Boss app on your phone and set up your accounts

    • Training video- Follow Up boss 101




  • Ylopo is our website provider. They do our search website and they help provide facebook leads and campaigns. They are on the cutting edge of using artificial intelligence inside of Facebook to get leads the info they really want. Ylopo partners with Follow Up Boss and all of their info goes back and forth between the two platforms.

  • Be sure your managing broker creates your new Ylopo account and your agent landing page

  • Watch the online video tutorials sent directly to you from Ylopo

  • Sit with your mentor to learn Ylopo listing edits for your clients.



Let’s update your info tell the world! 

Update your personal and business pages with the brokerage change. Update your email address and website. Be sure you put your license number and your brokerage info in the About Me sections.  Go through and delete any older posts your have of your old brokerage logo’s or info, if appropriate.








Linked In




  • If you’d like a Chamberlain email address, email admin@chamberlainrealtyllc.com to get it set up. 

  • Set up an auto response on your old email address that let’s people know about your new address, and forward those emails to your new address

  • Export your contacts to upload to your new email address




Listing Presentations

  • One of Chamberlain Edge’s main goals is to provide some of the best listing services in the Central Oklahoma area. We’ve got a few tools and a lot of standards for you to check out for you future listings.

  • Listing Prezi

    • The Listing Prezi is an online listing presentation from a company called prezi.com it’s like a power point but way better. If you take the time to learn the prezi it’ll help you have fantastic listing presentations each and every time.

      • Set up a free Prezi account using your work email

      • Have your managing broker share the prezi with you

      • Watch and then practice the prezi

    • Or if you’d rather, simply show the listing presentation below to your client. You can download this presentation to help them see what set’s us apart.

    • Here’s the link to download the video:




  • Seller’s Report via Ylopo

    • Before a listing, take time to plug in the sellers info on Ylopo Stars and get a seller report to see how many active buyers we have in the system looking for what they have to offer.

      • Watch the process

      • Make a practice seller report



  • Comparative Market Analysis

    • This is the market analysis showing what the homes around the subject home sold for in the last year.

    • Have your mentor show you how to run a CMA

    • Practice getting a CMA ready for a listing



  • Documents

    • Practice getting the contracts ready for a listing presentation

    • Download the Home Sellers Preparation Checklist below.


Agent Materials

Depending on the commission plan you chose, Chamberlain will be providing you a TON of materials to help boost your business.


  • Agent Landing Page with search lead capture via our ylopo site

  • Headshots- Contact Macoby Donaldson at Premier House Tours- email premierhousetours@gmail.com

  • Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Property For Sale Signs- we have a stash of them ready to go at the office. You just need a 18×6” sign rider with your name on it and number.

  • Open House Signs- we recommend 30+ per open house. We have a stash at the office. Bring them back after each open house.

  • Directional property for sale signs- these are plastic signs that are to be placed at the busiest road near your listings, pointing the way to the home. One per listing. At the office, return when sold.




OKCMAR is the MLS system in our area. There’s a lot to learn from the Matrix, Showing Time, Real List and Transaction Desk apps inside of the OKCMAR agent page.  Each of these programs is critical to your success as an agent.  If you need training on these please don’t hesitate to ask and we’d be happy to help.  Here are a few videos to show you the way. 




TRAINING VIDEO- how to write an offer:



Listing Launch

When you get ready to have your first listing with Chamberlain, there’s a lot that’s expected. It’s too much to go over here but have your mentor go over the checklist with you to start wrapping your mind about what’s expected.

How to use transaction Desk and brokermint to create a listing agreement


Training video on how to create a listing in the mls



How to use listreports.com to create property brochures and Mini Posters



You have two options when it comes to generating leads through Ylopo with your listings. One is to pay Ylopo to do it for you. You’ll pay a 40% admin fee to Ylopo and they’ll do all the rest. Simply tell your broker what listing you’d like to advertise and for how long and how much you want to spend on it. You’ll receive an invoice from Chamberlain via Stripe for the amount. Then Chamberlain will authorize Ylopo to charge the company credit card the amount of your ad and they’ll set it all up so that you receive those leads.

The other option is to save your money and create your own ads using your Ylopo search site. If you’d like to do that watch the video tutorial below.



As you know our cell phones are critically important in this industry. Here are some apps we use on a regular basis we’d like you to know about:

  • Follow Up Boss- CRM on the go

  • Showing Time

  • Go MLSOK- great tax info on properties

  • MLS Login

  • CTO Agent3.0- Estimate of Expenses for buyer/seller

  • IScanner- great for turning your phone into a scanner making pdf’s.

  • Google Drive- all your docs on the go!

  • Taxbot- track all your deductions

  • Compass- tell clients direction the house faces

  • Air table- project management

  • Premier Agent- Zillow

  • E Key- Supra key

  • Measure Kit- digital measuring tape

  • Prezi Viewer- listing presentation

  • Clips- training video below




Follow the link below to download the Chamberlain Logo’s to be used on social media or other various marketing you want to do. If you have any questions just ask your managing broker. 



Chamberlain Edge license number is 177929

Company phone number 405-308-7509

Company address with OREC is

526 SW 4th Street Suite 600 Moore OK 73160


Office address

526 sw 4th ste 600, Moore OK 73160

There’s a combo on the back door so you can get signs when you need to, ask your broker for details.


Chamberlain EIN Tax ID 82-3195768


Cole Realty Resource

login gwortman123




chmbrl5768 is the NAID #

Google number for company



Font for Chamberlain logo

Trajan Pro Bold


Designer of Chamberlain’s logo was

lineandcircle on fiverr.com


Broker Owner’s Email



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