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Kalhor Group Realty is a family of agents committed to offering the best services in the industry by using the best tools available, so that our agents can make as much money as possible while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.


Kalhor Group Realty was started out of a desire to create a real estate brand that would become known as the very best in terms of premium listing services and client experience. Over the last several years, Mariah Kalhor – Broker Owner of Kalhor Group Realty, worked tirelessly to find and test the best tools in the industry that would produce the very best listing services possible. What she found was that even though you may have the best offering, it is difficult to differentiate those services inside of a large brokerage where a few agents do tremendous volume but the majority do much less. She found that a brand can often only be as strong as the weakest link. Thus Kalhor Group Realty was born to help agents achieve excellence in listing services and client experience each and every time. Today Kalhor Group Realty holds a high standard of service for all of it’s agents, which providing the tools, training and camaraderie necessary to achieve those standards of excellence. 


If you’re looking for a brokerage that will help encourage you to be the best version of you and will help you provide the best service available in the real estate industry, Kalhor Group Realty would be honored to talk with you.




Let’s face it, real estate is the craziest career in the world. The emotional roller coasters are endless. To thrive in real estate you need a solid support system to encourage you. People who are in the trenches with you and who have been where you are and are where you want to be. And that’s why we work really hard at Kalhor Group Realty to provide the type of environment to help you not only be successful but also to enjoy your life! It’s not all about money, I promise. 

If you need coaching, training, encouragement, or if you need to be challenged to rise up to your potential, we’ve got it for you!  

At Kalhor Group Realty your broker/team leader is committed to be accessible when you need them most.  We have weekly team meetings to continually sharpen your skills and hear about the win’s and losses of your team mates. We have a mentality that there’s always enough and therefore we celebrate your victories with you knowing that there’s plenty of business in the area for all. We are constantly finding the latest and greatest bits of training and tools to help you run an efficient and professional business. If you’re looking for a healthy, friendly, fun culture to be a part of, look no further.



Our goal is to provide the best platform possible for you to make a tremendous amount of money and keep as much for yourself as possible. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a commission structure that works for every person.


So if you don’t want any of the tools and just want a great brand to be a part of, we’ve got the plan for you. Take home 93% of your commissions from day 1, forever.  


If you are ready to take your business to a new level and want the best tools the industry has to offer, we can set you up at a fraction of the cost and get you on a path to great success.


Or if you want to join a team and have a continual flow of new clients to care for without shelling out thousands in cash month after month, we’ve got the plan for you.


See our full commission plans in detail by clicking the link below:



Real Estate is busting at the seems with fresh technology that is completely changing the way the industry operates. You have one of two choices, get on board or get left in the dust.  But we know how hard it is to stay on top of all this great technology, and that’s why we do it for you. Kalhor Group Realty is 100% committed to seeking out and utilizing the absolute best technology and tools available in real estate today.


Do you need a world class Customer Relationship Management system, or a lead generation beast of a website? How about artificial intelligence doing your lead nurturing for you?  Or what about constant client touches in classy and helpful ways where they see the properties they were most recently interested in while perusing their Facebook feed?  How’s your listing presentation? If it’s not the best there is, don’t worry, we’ve made it for you to use and crush your next listing appointment. Tired of designing brochures and business cards? We’ve got it taken care of. Signs? No problem, all provided for you. I could go on and on but know this…


Whatever the tool you need, we’ve spent hours upon hours testing the options and have set up the best of the best for you!

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What’s the Vision of Kalhor Group Realty?

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I’d love to help you thrive in real estate! If you have dreams and want to be encouraged to think outside the box and chase your passions, we’ve got to talk! My favorite thing in life is helping people come alive and find the things that they were created to do. Perhaps real estate is that for you. If so let me help you find a path to success. We’ve created a system to back you up so you can focus on the things you’re best at. Let me help you thrive.

If you want to talk and hear more I’ll be you a coffee. Name the time and place and I’ll be there.

Mariah Kalhor

Broker Co-Owner- Kalhor Group Realty