Commercial Services

At Kalhor Group Realty we whole heartedly believe in the power of real estate investing to help you achieve financial freedom. Owning cash flowing real estate is one of the most time tested patterns to creating wealth that lasts. And when you apply the power of leveraging your money, true financial freedom often is a few deals away. Obviously, we suggest having a well rounded investment portfolio, but real estate is by far our favorite way to create wealth. If you’ve been thinking of jumping into a real estate investment, we’d love to talk. We can help you understand the terminology, the numbers, the options and all the in’s and outs of the real estate investment world.


And if you’re already a seasoned investor and are looking to buy or sell, nobody will work harder to help you acheive your goals. Kalhor Group utilizes the best of technology, personal networking and years of marketing expertise to make your investing dreams come true. We’d love to share with you our recent success stories in the commercial world and let you know of some off market properties we keep tabs on.