An Interview with the Owners of A&T Mechanical

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For over 40 years, A & T Mechanical has been servicing the heat and air needs of Central Oklahoma. They are a small family-owned and operated a business located in Edmond, OK. And are dedicated to offering the best professional and personalized service for every customer at an affordable rate. Customer satisfaction is their #1 goal, and with their licensed and certified HVAC contractor/technicians, they strive to exceed your expectations.


Video Transcript:




Mariah: The summer heat is coming, and if you are in need of a new HVAC unit, stick around to the end of this video so I can teach you how to save 30 before January 1st, 2023. I am Mariah Kalhor broker and owner of Kalhor Group Realty and this is explore my town Oklahoma City Metro




Mariah: Hey guys, I’m here with Tim, Joseph, and Jessica from A&T mechanical heat, air, and plumbing. So I wanted to know: tell me, how did all of this start? How long have you guys been in business?

Jessica:  We’ve been in business for over 40 years. My dad owned it for that long, and then I and my brother worked together and grew this company.

Mariah: I love it! I think that’s awesome. I think working with family is such a blessing because you know you can be very honest, and they’re going to always be there. So 40 years? That’s great, and so this is your warehouse?

Joseph: Yes! It’s our baby; it’s only been a year here. So we try to keep it stopped.

Mariah: So we’re in Edmond, but where do you serve? 

Joseph: We don’t say no to people; we try not to stay in the Metro, but we do go to Washington, Guthrie. We try to make people happy; that’s all we do.

Mariah: So if somebody has an emergency, is there an emergency line? Or how can people get a hold of you in the best way? 

Joseph: So the best way is to call the office number, which is 405-810-8891, and then you can actually go online and schedule an appointment. 

Tim: (website name) The name is

Mariah: (Talks about the warehouse.) We go this way; show me; I would like to know about what’s going on over here.

Joseph: (Describes what’s happening inside the warehouse.) So this is set up for people’s homes in the next week. So we’re trying to get them some AC back, or their units are going out because of all the changes that are going on. This is set up for next week.

Mariah: How many crews do you have?

Joseph: We can do four installations a day and have about three service guys out there. We’ve got a good team.

Mariah: (Pointing to the units inside the warehouse) I’d like to know about this massive unit on this trailer and what this is about.

Joseph: So right now we actually service Penn Square Mall’s common areas to make sure that they stay cool, and then the other occupants in those spaces call us if they need help, so this is actually going to go on the roof. It’s called the “big old crane,” and we’ll get it on Wednesday.




Mariah: (Inside the Company’s Training Room) We are in the training room; this is really cool!

Joseph:  Tuesdays and Thursdays we have in-house training. So the guys will be able to get those processes in place so we don’t have mistakes out the roof.

Mariah: How long do your guys have to be in training before you’re confident enough for them to go out?

Joseph: What’s good about heat and air is that you need to see it more to be able to turn it, so this just sharpens them, but they can be out in the field with a journeyman so that they can learn.

Mariah: It’s the same thing with me; it’s kind of like you, kind of like get out there and do it.  I can teach you all day long, but you’re not going to really know until you’re dealing with people. So tell me a little bit about what’s going on in the future—maybe prices and all the fun stuff?

Joseph: They’re changing how things are made, so there’s going to be more restrictions on the heaters and more restrictions on your unit. On January 1st, 2023, they’re going to CR2. All that means for homeowners and any kind of stuff on January 1st, 2023, is that if you’re going to buy a new unit, it’s got to be before January 1st, or 30% more is going to be added.

Jessica:  I mean, the homeowner will save money with that steer being higher, so if you have R22 in your system, you probably need to change it out now since that’s going to go into effect. If you’re trying to make it last one more year, you probably just need to go for it.




Mariah: I am Mariah Kalhor with Kalhor Group Realty. If you guys are looking to buy, sell, or build a home anywhere in the Metro, you know who to call last: A&T Mechanical Heat and Air Services. Thank you so much, and don’t forget to find them on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.